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We have clients that feel that their lives are transformed from Andre’s purpose coaching 

Thanks so much! I found you to be really helpful and insightful. I love how I felt that you could really show empathy whilst encouraging me...
From the first encounter I had with Andre, I fell in love with his positive spirit and welcoming manner. I’ve had 4 telephone conversations with him and every single time we’ve spoken, I learn so much and he inspires my thirst for knowledge. I’m ever so grateful for meeting Andre, not just for sharing his wisdom and for being the vessel that delivers information from God to me directly but for being a honest friend. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my 2018.
Celebrity hair stylist
Before being "Purpose coached" by Andre, I lacked personal gratification and fulfilment. Through Andre's direction and insight, I am more focused and I have more clarity about what I want to do. He has a lot of wisdom which has helped when I have faced challenging situations. I now understand life will not be perfect but he has given me tools to stand no matter the season.

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From “Spoilt brat” on MTV to transforming young lives!

Filled with fear, frustration and failure?

Andre’s new upcoming book seeks to help young people discover purpose and meaning through Gods help.

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